Maintaining Wellness through Transitional Care Management (TCM)

CASA Healthcare doesn’t stop caring about you once your home health needs change or end. We are as invested in you and your continued wellness as we are in the care we provide directly. There are several approaches we can take to help you transition to different situations. The most common situations requiring transition care include:
  • Hospital to Home: This is when you’ve been in a hospital for an acute health concern or for complex health issues and are ready to go home, but still require supervised medical care. We coordinate with your outpatient providers and carry out your physician’s orders tailored to your needs.
  • Supervised Home Health to Independence: If we help you recover from a surgery or illness that will have a defined end, we can help you transition to complete independence. Our physical and occupational therapists can help you build strength for your common daily living activities so that you can be safe and independent at home.
  • Home Health Care to Assisted Living or Hospice: When you or your loved one require more complete supervision than we can provide, or you’re looking for compassionate, in-home care in the final stages of your life, CASA Healthcare transitions to CASA Hospice and can either help through our hospice service or navigate the network of contacts we’ve built in our years of experience to help you find the best care possible. 

Why Professional Care Management Through Home Care Works

Home Nursing in Houston
Home Nursing in Houston
Many people are concerned about the cost of using a professional for care transition rather than just moving to a new space on their own or with their family’s help. The success of these moves varies widely, though, and costs stack up quickly. You may just pay in different ways. This can look like:
  • Several moves to several different locations. When you don’t have an educated assessment by someone who has also listened to your concerns, you may end up making a move to a facility that doesn’t actually meet your needs. That means you or your loved one is more likely to require moves between locations. This is costly and stressful.
  • Sacrificed continuity of care. When you don’t have someone who knows how and when to talk to your different health care providers, it is easy for wires to get crossed. CASA Healthcare can make sure your care is organized, reducing the amount of time and money you need to expend to get and stay healthy.
  • Losing the benefits of experience. There really is a benefit to the years of experience that CASA Healthcare has. Where you might be spending a significant amount of time learning which hospitals are best for your condition or which care homes specialize in your situation, we already have the benefit of that knowledge and can help you quickly, which also means less time and money on your part.
Most people feel vulnerable enough when they’re not feeling their best. Making solid, educated decisions for their care can be difficult. CASA Healthcare is here to relieve some of that stress to help you maintain your health and wellness by giving you access to the knowledge we’ve gained through our work throughout Pearland and Houston, Texas.

We built CASA Healthcare in Pearland, Texas, because our communities matter to us.

 If you’d like to talk about all the ways CASA Healthcare can bring convenient care to your home, you can start by looking at our more comprehensive list of services here and then call (281) 485-5775 or contact us for a free home health assessment.
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