What Is Occupational Therapy?

As mentioned on our Home Rehabilitation page, a common misconception is that occupation therapy refers only to helping a person heal in response to a specific, formal job. What many people don’t understand is that the most important “jobs” you do are the daily tasks required to care for yourself. Occupational therapy is about assessing the parts of your life that are critical to your health and quality of life, then providing you the tools to be better able to do them.

How Does Home Health Occupational Therapy Help?

Home Physical Therapy in Pearland
Home Physical Therapy in Pearland
Our registered occupational therapists will evaluate your ability to perform daily living activities (DLAs) and focus on ways to make your home a healthy and safe environment. If you are going to get assistance with activities based on everyday life, doesn’t it make sense that you get assistance where you live your everyday life? At CASA Healthcare, we see significant benefits to participating in occupational therapy at home. These benefits include (and are not limited to):
  • Improving self-esteem. When you feel independent and in control of your environment, it is easier to feel better about yourself and your relationships with others.
  • Minimizing stress. Recovering from an illness or adapting to life changes due to age at home is less stressful than in an unfamiliar setting, meaning you can worry less and have more energy to put toward your recovery.
  • Preventing falls. Losing your balance as a result of an injury or a natural consequence of aging can result in serious and even life-threatening falls. Occupational therapists help patients avoid falls by addressing fall risks at home and helping to increase a patient’s strength and balance.
  • Increasing strength and improving motor skills. Occupational therapy exercises help patients increase physical strength and motor skills specific to the life they want to lead at home. These exercises, when combined with other physical therapy, can be especially effective in helping patients maintain independence with tasks like dressing, meal preparation, and medication management.
  • Increasing accessibility in the home. Occupational therapists are trained to notice ways to physically make your home easier to navigate using simple interventions like handrails or grab bars. This makes your home safer and completing your daily activities easier.

When we work with you in your home, we see and learn what’s important to you for goals in your daily activities, then help you achieve them.

Occupational therapy can improve so many parts of your life. Especially when paired with other practices like physical therapy, speech therapy, and the assistance of Home Health Aides. CASA Healthcare’s licensed and certified providers can help you open up your life to greater physical and emotional well-being.

We built CASA Healthcare in Pearland, Texas, because our communities matter to us.

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