Skilled Care from Certified Home Health Aides in the Houston Area

While many of CASA Healthcare’s other therapists and providers focus on a more targeted group of therapeutic practices, an important, broader approach to care comes from our certified home health aides.

Some other home health companies employ personal care aides whose responsibilities do overlap with a home health aide; however, a home health aide is specifically trained and licensed to provide more in-depth care and to work more fully with any other health care providers you need.

What Does a Home Health Aide (HHA) Do?

Home Health Aide in Houston
Home Health Aide in Houston
Home health aides, sometimes referred to as HHAs, are a significant part of the individualized health care we offer. CASA Healthcare aides can provide:
  • Personal care such as bathing and dressing.
  • Light housekeeping.
  • Meal preparation. (This is especially helpful in addition to our Dietitian’s services. See more about that here.)
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments.
  • Medication management.
  • Support with daily living activities. (These may be laid out in a care plan with an occupational therapist.)
  • Social companionship.
  • Bilingual support. (English and Spanish)

These elements of daily life may be harder and harder to access when your life becomes more centered in your home. By offering these services (and others) as part of your at-home personal care, we help you have the fulfilling life you’d like to maintain in the comfort of your home environment.

We built CASA Healthcare in Pearland, Texas, because our communities matter to us.

If you have questions about whether a home health aide could add to your or your loved one’s home health care plan, please call (281) 485-5775 or contact us today. If you live in or around Pearland, Texas, we can arrange for a free home health assessment to learn about all the ways we can bring the best care right to your doorstep. CASA Healthcare is here to help. Call us to find out how.
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