Skilled Nursing Care for Nutritional and Dietary Counseling in Houston

When a prescribing doctor gives a patient recommendations regarding specific dietary needs, CASA Healthcare’s dietitians work with the doctor and the patient to carry out the orders and help patients find relief from the side effects of poor nutrition. These side effects may have nothing to do with choice and everything to do with an illness or other condition, but their relief can still be found with the help of qualified providers. If you or your loved one has:
  • Unwanted weight loss
  • Difficulty swallowing (Also see our speech therapy page regarding this concern.)
  • Difficulty feeding
  • A specialized diet
  • Tube feedings

CASA Healthcare’s certified and licensed caregivers are here for you. Call (281) 485-5775 or contact us today to start a care plan for you or your loved one, and to learn about the other ways CASA Healthcare can help.

What Does a Registered Dietitian Do?

Nutritional and Dietary Counseling in Houston
Nutritional and Dietary Counseling in Houston
An apt analogy for the benefits of a good diet might be, “A car is only as good as its fuel.” The flashiest, fastest car on the track can’t even start the race if the gas tank is empty. Similarly, no matter how much care you give to the rest of your body, you will not reap the benefits if your body has no fuel.

In the analogy of the car, a dietitian might be your crew chief. They coordinate and provide individualized treatment by working with your medical team and with any of CASA Healthcare’s other caregivers to ensure you receive the best possible care and the right fuel to get the most from each day.

Dietary and nutritional counseling and treatment are only part of a much larger array of services CASA Healthcare can provide to help get and keep you well in the comfort of your home. By providing other home health services, we make sure that you get what you need. We listen, and then we act on what we hear so that you and your loved ones know your needs are being met.

We built CASA Healthcare in Pearland, Texas, because our communities matter to us.

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