What is home health care?

The goal of home health care is to rehabilitate clients using medical management. The clinical staff, including the physician, create goals for the clients for rehabilitation while in the comfort of their own home. Home health services are provided by a team of licensed clinicians who tailor care for the individual’s needs. Home health care services are a lower-cost alternative to facility care and are generally paid for by the client’s insurance benefit.

How do I qualify for home health care?

Home health care services require that a person spend the majority of time at home due to medical concerns and have certain needs that only a clinical staff member can meet (such as therapy, nursing needs, etc.) There are many issues that may need a clinical team member to visit you, so it is best to call our office directly so we can answer any questions you may have.

Who pays for home health services?

  • Home health costs are covered though Medicare and most private insurances. Most home health services are offered with little or NO deductable or co-pays.

How do I get started with home health care services?

Our office is available 24 hours a day for your convenience. Call anytime to speak with a home health specialist who can answer your questions and start arrangements for home health services!

What things can the staff of Casa Home Health, LLC. do for me?

The staff of Casa Home Health, LLC. can provide services ordered by your physician for health care. Some of the common reasons include:


•Care plan and disease management
•I.V. medication and monitoring
•Diabetic care including education
•Wound care
•Catheter and colostomy care
•Medication setup, education, and monitoring
•Blood sampling including PT/INR (blood thinner) testing


•Physical therapy
•Fall prevention programs
•Rehabilitation of joints or bones post-surgery
•Mobility training
•Occupational Therapy
•Education and assistance with special equipment
•Orthotic/prosthetic training
•Education on activities of daily living

Certified Nursing Assistants

•Hair/skin care
•Meal preparation/light housekeeping
•Ambulation assistance
•Catheter care
•Other personal needs