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Rachelle Baum and her professional team of healthcare providers at CASA Healthcare help patients recover and rehabilitate in the familiar comfort of their own homes. Who benefits from CASA Healthcare’s compassionate care?

  • The 54-year-old woman who suffered a stroke whose doctor told her she wouldn’t walk again, yet one week after home health therapy with CASA’s healthcare team, she was walking with a quad cane.
  • The 92-year-old gentleman with cancer whose wife died unexpectedly while caring for him; with CASA’s care, he maintained walking mobility and a good quality of life in his own home until he passed away from natural causes shortly thereafter.
  • The 64-year-old morbidly obese patient who had not left her bed for three years and then lost weight.

CASA Healthcare helped her rehabilitate and regain lost muscle strength, which allowed her to enjoy mobility once again. “Home health plays a real role in quality of life,” said Rachelle. “When it comes to helping a patient and the family understand what care they need, our influence is substantial. The home offers a less stressful environment, compared to a hospital or nursing facility, and communication is heightened with CASA Healthcare’s friendly team to help people feel more comfortable asking questions and receive personalized answers.”

Rachelle and her hardworking team bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their clients. Their nurses’ and therapists’ background training includes trauma and ICU work, as well as years of home health experience, plus, nearly all of CASA Healthcare providers are bilingual (English/Spanish), and bilingual services are available 24/7. Additionally, CASA Healthcare:

  • is accredited with Medicare, Medicaid and CHAP; meets or exceeds highest state and federal requirements
  • works with hospitals, case managers, insurance companies, nursing homes, long-term care and rehab facilities, independent and assisted living facilities, private individuals and more
  • extensively trains and checks backgrounds on all their employees
  • utilizes a state-of-the-art, web-based software, which allows collaboration between the patients’ physicians and specialists with CASA’s Healthcare team, for more efficient coordination of care using electronic access anytime, anywhere
  • respects the needs and privacy of each patient and their family members; is HIPPA-compliant
  • has experienced personnel on-call, 24 hours a day • provides scheduled care seven days a week
  • has a nursing staff with a combined 95 years experience; therapy staff with a combined 65 years experience

“With the changes in healthcare, we’re seeing patients leave the hospital sooner, but who still need professional care to achieve a full recovery,” Rachelle said. “We have skilled nurses and therapists, who have the advanced experience which is necessary to assist with all levels of care.” Rachelle also knows firsthand the challenges women face when pursuing a career and creating a home. “Working in home health allows me to contribute to my community in a meaningful way while affording me the flexibility to schedule patient care around my family’s schedule. For instance, while my kids are at piano lessons, I can see a patient who happens to live a few blocks away. And because I typically see a patient two or three times a week, it’s a fabulous way to get to know people—to develop lifelong relationships with them. Some patients I’ve kept in touch with for over 12 years!”

If you or a loved-one needs nursing or rehabilitative care, call CASA Healthcare today.

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